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Place: "Graf", C / María de Molina 5
Date: 11/14/2018

Brands: Anatag, Bruna Bongani, DeOrigen, Elefante & boa, Esfascinante, Ensombrerarte, Goiplug, Intervention, Jambu, Jerry Icon, Perinola, Sawirinas, Verbenas and Ynes Suelves.

A meeting that will give a platform to initiatives that have set trends in fashion items under ethical and sustainable parameters. Photographs of Don Ungaro, Lucas Treviño, Reinaldo Diaz and the visual works of Guillermo Carrasquero and Ivanna Gautier will also be exhibited. Finally, to touch up and create a perfect environment we will have the support of Floristeria Verde and the catering of Cevichevere. In collaboration with COKREA - a creative ecosystem that supports people in the development of their ideas - where 10% of the profits will be donated to the NGO Eposak and its Lights On program.

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