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Place: Artistic Metrol, C / de las Cigarreras, 6

Dates: 01/16/2019 - 02/06/2019


After almost a decade of covert recording in the most dangerous prisons in Venezuela, La Causa reveals the complex reality lived in the underworld of Venezuelan crime. The documentary transports us to a true dystopia in which the prisoners took control of the prisons, established their own laws and organized their armies, creating parallel states that have aggravated the humanitarian crisis in which the South American nation finds itself. The event was attended by Andrés Figueredo (director, producer) and Jose Ostos (writer, editor) who will answer questions at the end of the screening. They will also tell us about their experience developing the Free Convict musical project, an initiative that emerged during the recording of the documentary, which seeks to transform inmates through culture and music. All the funds raised in the screening will be used to promote this project and the culture behind bars.

Description of what the documentary is about

In the midst of the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, Popurri wanted through this charity event to give visibility and bring Spain closer to the reality behind Venezuelan prisons with the presentation of "La Causa", a documentary as humane as it is fierce directed and produced by Andrés Figueredo. The event will be attended by journalists, filmmakers, Spanish politicians and the Venezuelan opposition such as Leopoldo López (Father).

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