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1.1 Potpourri
The owner of the Site and of the application is POPURRI GATHERING, INC. with commercial identification number, 406.362 with address Calle Espalter 2, 5D Madrid 28014.

Popurri is a creative studio specialized in organizing socio-cultural meetings around various themes. Our mission is to develop an alternative to the leisure offer that exists in Madrid by creating a community of people with similar interests, concerns and passions.



1 The possession and / or use of this ticket implies the acceptance of all the terms and conditions associated with the sale and ratified during the purchase process as well as the acceptance of the specific regulations of the event.

1.1 This entry gives you the right to access only the experience that you have purchased. If during the event you go out on the street, and consume drinks on public roads, you will be denied access, and you will have to pay the entrance fee again.

1.2 Once the ticket is purchased, its amount will only be changed or refunded 48 hours before the event and it will take between 48 and 72 hours for the refund to be made.

1.3 In the event of cancellation, the purchaser may request reimbursement within a period not exceeding 14 days or in the period legally determined from the date of public communication of the cancellation, in the manner specified by the Organizer.

The total suspension of the concert will be considered cancellation. The suspension will be due to the impossibility of attending the artist or artists arranged by the Organization for the concert. If possible, the Organization will try to find a new date for the canceled concert.

The amount of the ticket will not be refunded in case of cancellation of the concert due to force majeure. Force majeure means the provisions of the Spanish Civil Code and the jurisprudence of the Spanish courts and tribunals and, especially and without limitation, natural disasters, earthquakes, floods, labor disputes, strikes, war (declared or not), rebellion, shortage, shortage of or unpredictable delay in the supply of raw materials or necessary goods, fires, explosions, emergencies, accidents, or breakdown of essential machines, equipment or tools, action or omission of public services or administration, sabotage However, disturbances of any kind that seriously affect public order, epidemics or pandemics, any intervention or declaration of the Public Administrations
(state, regional and local), health institutions or other bodies, both with respect to the prohibition and the recommendation of not holding the concert, as well as any other fact or impediment that does not allow or does not recommend the holding of the event to which it is refer to these general conditions, as well as any event
unpredictable, irresistible, independent of the organizer's will and beyond his control and that, likewise, prevents the total or partial execution of the concert, and that cannot be overcome by means of a medium diligence.

In the case of return of tickets, we inform you that only the amount of the same will be returned, not including management costs. Travel, accommodation or any other expense related to the show that you have contracted on your own, are at your own risk, without the possibility of a refund of these amounts in any case by the ticket seller and / or the promoter of the show. In the event of a limitation of the venue's capacity at the request or recommendation of the
Public Administrations (state, regional and local), health institutions or other bodies as a measure regarding Covid-19, the promoter will inform as soon as possible and will return, within 14 days, the full amount paid for the tickets to those buyers who They will no longer be able to access the event due to such limitations, following the chronological order of acquisition of the tickets: the last tickets that have been purchased will be the first to be returned.

1.4 The organization does not guarantee the authenticity of the ticket if it has not been purchased at the official points of sale. The resale of the ticket is not allowed. The Organization does not assume any responsibility in case of loss or theft of the
entry. You must guard your ticket until the day of the event as if it were cash. The beneficiary of the ticket or the person in whose name the ticket is personalized, assumes all responsibility in the event that their ticket is presented in duplicate, photocopied or falsified, losing all the rights that it grants to access the event. Only the first entry that is presented will be valid.

1.5 If you provide data of a companion, you are obliged to inform and obtain consent for the processing of their data, which are subject to our privacy policy that appears in the following clauses.

1.6 The ticket holder acknowledges that it may appear in images taken within the venue by different means for subsequent informative dissemination and authorizes such use, which will be the responsibility of each medium. The images may appear on the Internet so their dissemination may not be controlled.

1.7 In the case of images collected by POPURRI, we inform you that your data is incorporated into files under the responsibility of POPURRI in order to manage the purchase of tickets and / or the relationship. You can exercise with respect to your data the right to access, rectify, cancel or oppose the processing of your data by going to e-mail
to eugenia.gil@popurrigathering.

1.8 The customer is responsible at all times for his belongings. The room is not responsible for any loss or theft by third parties within our premises.

1.9 The consumption of beverages and food not purchased in our establishment is not authorized. If someone is caught breaking the rule, they can be expelled from the venue.

1.10 COOKIES: by browsing this website, the installation of cookies is accepted.

Check the privacy policy on our website.

1.11 When making the payment, your data is automatically provided to the company that manages the card payment and to the bank.

1.12 Possession of the ticket does not entitle its holder or third parties to resell it, to use it or its content for advertising, marketing or promotional purposes (including contests, gifts and / or raffles) associated with the ticket holder or third parties.

1.13 This document in which you accept the conditions is filed in our computer system. You have access to our data for one month and can print it and save it on your system.

2.1 The Organizer will deny access to the venue to the bearer if any of the following circumstances occur:

2.1.1 The entry is incomplete, amended, broken or with signs of falsification.

2.1.2 The carrier manifests a violent attitude or that publicly incites hatred, violence, or discrimination based on birth, race, sex, religion, opinion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other social condition or circumstance or personnel, and, in particular, the bearer who behaves aggressively or causes disturbances outside or at the entrance, who carries weapons or objects that can be used as such and who wears clothing, objects or symbols that incite to violence or suppose apology for activities contrary to the fundamental rights recognized in the law and the Constitution.

2.1.3 The carrier shows symptoms of drunkenness or of consuming or having consumed drugs or narcotic substances.

2.1.4 The exercise of the right of admission will not entail, in any case, the denial of access to the bearer for reasons of birth, race, sex, religion, opinion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other circumstance or personal condition or social.

2.1.5 The bearer authorizes the Organization to carry out, in accordance with the law, a search of people and belongings to verify that the security conditions are met. The entry of objects that may be considered dangerous by the Organization or are prohibited by current regulations is not allowed.

2.1.6 The Organizer may deny access or expel the ticket holder from the venue in the event of non-compliance with the indications of the Organization's staff, as well as in the event that it can reasonably be presumed that a risk or risk situation will be created. danger to the wearer himself or other assistants or by states of apparent or potential intoxication, the bearer being personally responsible in all cases for his own actions and omissions that cause injury to third parties or damage to property.


- Minors under 16 years of age may only access accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.


CIF: Y4791770-X
Address: Calle Espalter 2, 5to D 28014 Madrid, Spain.
Contact phone: 627489776
Contact email:

POPURRI can cancel or modify any of the previous conditions or
report incidents, in which case you can make it known to the public

assistant through the channels he deems appropriate.

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